RV & Boat Storage Tips


RV & Boat Storage Tips

Garaging your boat or RV is the best way to reduce weather damage and maintain a high resale value but very few people have a garage big enough to do this. Also storing in our own driveway or yard can be a nuisance for you, your guests and neighbors. Here are some helpful storage tips to make sure you get the most out of your storage experience with United RV & Self Storage.


1. Covers.  Keep your RV or boat covered to protect it from the elements. Covers that are thrown over and tied around RVs can cause significant chafing damage when parked in a windy area.

2.If you do use a cover spend the extra money for a good quality cover made with breathable fabric.  Get one sized to fit your RV to minimize the chafing. Never cover your RV with a tarp or non-breathable fabric. Moisture condensation can be extremely damaging.

3. Paperwork.  When storing your RV or boat, take pictures and record the VIN and keep them for insurance purposes.  Check the registration and renew it in the winter months so you’re ready to go in the spring.

4. Wash and wax.  Wash your RV frequently and after trips to remove surface grime that can damage the exterior if allowed to build up. Never use harsh chemicals  use only mild soap and water or products specifically formulated for your RV’s exterior finish. Wax the exterior of your RV using a quality wax formulated for your RV’s exterior finish. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and exercise care around graphics. Waxing an RV is a big undertaking, but it is one of the most effective ways of protecting your RV from damaging dirt, grime and roadway chemicals.

5. Remove black streaks.  Scrub off black streaks as soon as you discover them. Wait too long and you may not be able to remove them completely. Use an automotive black streak cleaner, testing graphics before application.

6. Moisture is the number one offender.  Check for water damage regularly. Inspect all seals and caulking for signs of wear, and repair promptly with approved RV sealant. Regularly inspect sealant at all cut-outs. Any place where the manufacturer has cut into the RV’s body to create a window, attach a hose or vent an appliance is more vulnerable to water damage.

7. The roof over your head.  Keep the roof of your RV free of leaves, debris, tree sap and branches. Inspect and thoroughly clean the roof several times a year, using cleaners compatible with the roof material. Whenever you clean your roof, carefully inspect all roof sealants for damage and reseal immediately with approved sealants.

8. Boats don’t like water.  A good boat cover will be tight and breathable, with no areas to collect water.  Check the battery – when storing your boat away for the winter, remove the battery and keep it in a cool, dry place.


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